RayDATA Founded in 1997, RayDATA Engineering & Information Systems is committed to providing advanced technical support in the field of electrical power engineering and renewable energy systems.
RayDATA Engineering & Information Systems is ETAP’s Representative in Egypt from OTI, USA. ETAP is the leading modeling software to design, analyze and optimize electrical power systems in most demanding industry applications. ETAP Real-Time provides online diagnostics, predictive simulation, optimization, and management of power systems, ensuring reliable and energy-efficient operation. Located in Giza, RayDATA Engineering & Information Systems has been supporting ETAP since 1999, delivering technical guidance and continuously organizing seminars and hands-on ETAP workshops. ETAP, being the worldwide leading power system solution, is now widely used in Egypt. Current ETAP users in Egypt include top Oil & Gas-Industry firms, major Engineering, Consulting and Contracting Offices and Utility Companies as well as Engineering Colleges.