Solar System

Solar System

  • Solar panels can completely power your business or factory and possibly eliminate electricity bills.
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Protect against changing utility rates
  • Improve your cash flow
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Increase property value

Ensure consistent power source that is easily maintained Guarantee up to 25 years* of free electricity from the sun

Solar Energy is one of the important Renewable Energy. With 3,451 hours of daylight a year and sunlight during 78.7% of daylight hours, Egypt is a prime location to exploit solar energy for electricity generation and thermal heating application.

The energy source with least pollution rates. Also, the most sustainable source.
Uses only the best materials for our products ensuring that our products last long.
We guide you through the entire installation process. Our products require minimal installation time Solar generate electricity. Reducing need for fossil fuel generation.

We provide the best installation services at the cheapest rates.

RayDATA provides high-quality development services to ensure every aspect of the planning, designing, executing, testing and integration of solar projects meets our client’s needs from beginning to end.

provides comprehensive Engineering services including designing, procuring,
constructing, and commissioning power plants, as well as solar solutions for carports and rooftops. Our team of experts ensures peak performance for our clients’ assets, with onsite operation and maintenance, remote monitoring and analysis, fast failure detection, and technical assessment.

Cities & Utility-scale
Commercial & Industrial
On Grid Solar System
Off Grid Solar System