Motor Acceleration

Simulating the dynamics of motor acceleration is crucial as it determines whether the motor can be successfully started under the operating conditions and shows if starting this motor will seriously impede the normal operation of other loads in the system. ETAP provides two types of motor starting calculations: Dynamic Motor Acceleration and Static Motor Starting. In the Dynamic Motor Acceleration calculation, the starting motors are represented by dynamic models and the Motor Acceleration module simulates the entire process of motor acceleration. This method is used to determine if a motor can be started and how much time is needed for the motor to reach its rated speed, as well as to determine the effect of voltage dips on the system. In Static Motor Starting, the starting motors are modeled by the locked-rotor impedance during acceleration time, simulating the worst impact on normal operating loads. This method is suitable for checking the effect of motor starting on the system when the dynamic model is not available for starting motors.

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